• Get perspective on your Go-To-Market (GTM) Challenge

  • Aligning B2B resources to sell the way your customers want to buy

  • GTM is about the Experience.... The Purchase Experience

  • Actionable Insights...high IMPACT on the Experience

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We dive into your world and get our hands dirty.

Building Actionable Insights that get your B2B technology company through the door and keep you there.

Centrilogy: Purchase Experience is the key to GTM

Why Purchase Experience?

Purchase Experience is 53% of the buyers criteria

  • Brand, Product Features and Delivery make up only 47% of B2B buyer criteria
  • B2B prospects already know you!  They are 60% through their buying process before your Solution Seller shows up!
  •  You have to blow them away through the Purchase Experience.  Blow-them-Away!


Actionable Insights unlock the Purchase Experience

B2B customers want unique reasons to buy from you.  It is not a cool feature and they will figure out how to get their price!

  • Teach Them – about their market, something they are missing, a different perspective of a business issue
  • Challenge Them – be the expert and tell them how to solve the problem
  • Show Them – real people with real results


Solution Selling is DEAD; Lead with Actionable Insights

Centrilogy uses its iGTM™ suite to help you identify and continually develop Actionable Insights by:

  • Building cross-functional, collaborative teams that bring wide customer, market and organizational knowledge
  • Using proven tools and methodologies to align your teams behind the right Purchase Experiences
  • Creating one voice to the customer with an approach that shortens the sales cycle and build customer loyalty; changing the customer conversation by promoting “agitation vs. aggravation” – driving customers to go where they need to go rather than where we want them to go.

iGTM Overview Diagram

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iGTM™ – tools and methodologies needed for your business to build the “Actionable Insights” your buyers demand.


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